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OKTOBER THIRD, Drag Arena All Star 2022

As we get closer to Oktober Third’s step down, we want to say how proud we are of this individual and we are grateful for such an amazing job they have done during their reign. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and thank you so much for representing Drag Arena so amazingly!

Message from Madam D and Krishnara:


As we reflect on this past year, We are filled with emotions dominated by determination and confidence! It is our honor and privilege to present our reigning Miss Harrisburg Drag Arena Allstar 2022, Oktober Third!

They embody every aspect of what we strive for, no matter how many times we get knocked down, we get back up. People rise against us, we push pass them. They've tried to break us but everytime we rose from the ashes, we did so stronger, smart and more determined than ever.

We burn brightly, we are unstoppable.

⭐️From Oktober Third:

My experience as the first ever Drag Arena All Star, has been incredible to say the least. I chose to represent myself as the phoenix, because it reflects my journey as a drag artist. I have gone through many challenges in my life, and to rise up from the ashes, and be something bigger than what I ever thought I could be, is the only validation I will ever need. As an alternative performer, I am proud to wear this crown, and show all of the creeps and weirdos, that with hard work, and a fiery passion for their art, they can be superstars too.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Drag Arena, All, Stars, July 8th at the Appell Center in York, PA !

Photo + edit: @mikerioshbg

Costume: @edithwigglesandgiggles

Hair: @wigsx

Jewelry: Raving Diva @michelleleighsterling

Crown and sash sponsored: @krishnara_sparks

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